CNC Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Feng-fan in the development of the course, deeply aware of, and now the competition between enterprises is essentially a competition for talent, people are enterprise and even a country's most valuable resource, especially with the knowledge and economy era, the importance of human resources is increasingly valued by businesses, who can say that emphasis on human resources development, who will be high-tech will be able to in the fierce market competition edge.

    "Solicit talent, reuse talent" is the company's talent strategy program, it can be said, from the research and development to produce a finished product, every aspect has a scientific research personnel, technicians, field operation and guard Plant hire experts to guide the work, but also with universities, national research institutes focus on research projects to establish co-operation. Of course, a business requires not only high intelligence expertise, but also the need for A work in the forefront of high-quality work force, the Company's existing staff, in particular the emphasis on education and training, focusing on-the-job study and improvement. As the human resources, people like batteries, only the Constantly charging, in order to continue to discharge, with particular emphasis on the secondary development of talent. This will enable our employees feel that they have a really dark room to grow, with the goal of life.

    We will give you proof of real action, Feng sail this young vibrant modern company would be the ideal of nurturing and developing the talent of soil, is both ability and integrity who have a lofty ideal for you to be
Outstanding ability to play, reflecting the value of life, "useless."

    Actions we will prove to you, Fung Ying-fan, will certainly spare no effort, in order to immoderation who work hard for you to create a practical respect for the knowledge, proactive, pragmatic and efficient business environment, so that your side with the
When filled with competition and challenges, but also no lack of harmony and warmth.

The Company is a knitting machine research and development production and sales-based joint-stock Co., Ltd.. After years of business development, deeply aware that the competitiveness of enterprises is now essentially a competition for talent, so "solicit talent, reuse talent" is the company's human resources strategic platform. To this end, the company is now facing the country, the elite are going separate ways Wanted: Whether you are resigned to mediocrity and realistic work hard for the doer, or a well-informed, many avenues for the sale of Homo habilis, or a social resource-rich public relations expert Our company preferential treatment will be looking forward to your arrival. Specific requirements:

1、机械设计工程师:大专以上学历,在横机厂从事设计工作8年以上,熟悉横机结构,洞悉横机发展方向,熟练应用AutoCAD和Solidwork(或UGNX、ProE WF2)。待遇面议。
2、行政总监:本科(含)以上学历,五年以上企业行政管理工作经验 ,能全面管理行政、人事管理工作 、制定完善行政人事管理体制 、科学安排行政、人事事务性工作分工管理、具备优秀的统筹、预见、执行能力 ,优秀的团队整合能力、逻辑、组织、协调能力强 。 待遇面议。

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